Annie Halterman

5 months ago –
My little boy and I live out of town while I’m going to college, and he has never been to a groomer in Colorado Springs. I decided that while I was back home for break I would get him groomed in town and spent some time looking around Google for a groomer with reasonable prices and good reviews. Annie’s was one of the top listings, so I looked through the reviews. At first I was a little hesitant to call because I was seeing some negative reviews regarding the kindness of the staff, but since it was Monday, it was the only local groomer open, so I decided to give it a try. I called around ten in the morning wanting to get my 6-month-old Yorkie puppy, Oakley, in for an appointment thinking that they would book me a week or so out, but to my surprise they got me in on the same day. When we got there, we got checked in very painlessly. Oakley had never had his hair cut before so I was a little worried I wouldn’t know how to say what I wanted, but thankfully the lady who would be grooming him was very kind about and receptive to all the things I had to say. I was back out the door soon after arriving, and I went home expecting to be waiting around for at least three hours before I got a call to pick him up (I have waited over five hours before). However, less than two hours later I got a call saying Oakley was ready to go home. I picked him up and he looked just how I had imagined and smelled wonderful. He wasn’t shaking as we left and he seemed very happy. I will definitely be going back with my little fur baby – these guys are great!