Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: Does Your Salon Require Pets To Be Updated On Their Vaccinations?

A: All pets must have all of their vaccination shots, including rabies, in order to be groomed at Annie’s Per Salon.


Q: Do Your Services Include Ear Hair Plucking, Or Expressing of Anal Glands?

A: Yes, we have a wide range of services to chose from!


Q: What Products Are Used During Grooming?

A: We use ear cleaners, pet cologne (if the customer approves), and disinfectant on our equipment before and after we see each pet.


Q: How Can I Soothe My Dog’s Grooming Anxiety?

A: It is perfectly natural for any pet to feel anxiety or nervousness in most grooming situations. However, our staff is highly experienced with dogs with anxiety and it’s something we encounter almost on a daily basis. We can soothe your pet’s fears and give them a happy experience in a wonderful environment! If you want to take extra steps to get your pet ready for professional grooming, you can light brush them at home early in their life.


Q: When Should My Puppy Come In For Its First Groom?

A: While you should wait at least a week after getting a pet before taking them to a grooming specialist, it’s always better to get your pet familiar with the process early in their life.


Q: What Is Included In A Full Groom?

A: Included in the full groom is a great bath, a haircut with grooming afterwards,  ear cleaning (including touching up some pesky ear hair), cutting the nails and filing them (if the pet approves), and expressing the anal glands during the bath.


Q: What Is Included In A Bath And Brush?

A: We wash, brush, and trim your pet as necessary. We cut the nails (no filing), and clean the ears. Anal glands also expressed in a Bath and Brush.


Q: Do You Groom Dogs With Disabilities?

A: Yes.


Q: Do you Groom Cats?

A: Yes! We love all your furry little felines!


Q: How Long Does It Usually Take To Groom A Pet?

A: Depending on a pet’s weight, grooming can take between 3 to 4 hours.


Q: What Is Your Cancellation Policy With Scheduled Appointments?

A: Call Us at 719 – 380 – 9087 with all Questions and Concerns regarding your appointment.


Q: How Often Should My Pet Be Groomed?

A: This mostly depends on your pet’s coat, breed, and hair length. Typically, pet’s should be groomed around once a month.


Q: What If I’m Unhappy With The Services I Receive?

A: We make sure all of our customers are happy customers! If you’re not satisfied with our service, please feel free to contact us and we’ll solve the issue together!


Q: What Type Of Payment Methods Are Accepted?

A: Cash, all major credit cards, and even checks!